Oracle M&A Watch: The On-line Poll

I had to be asked twice (first time I was on vacation), but this piece of link love is worth passing on.  Stephen Jannise of Distribution Software Advice has created a graphical chart of the Oracle M&A binge of the last few years, starting of course with the PeopleSoft acquisition of 2003-2005 (yes, it took over 18 months to close the deal).  The chart alone is worth a good hard look, and its thoroughness is testimony to Stephen’s methodological look at the burgeoning Oracle portfolio. But Stephen’s real purpose is to speculate on what Oracle will buy next, and he even invites readers to add their votes to an on-line poll he’s conducting. While he leaves out an entire category — global systems integrator — from his list, as well as my favorite candidate for the GSI-to-buy for Oracle — Cap Gemini — I think Stephen’s post is impressive. Enjoy.


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  1. […] Gemini. Josh Greenbaum mentioned this global systems integrator as a viable option, which may not be a bad idea […]

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